Privacy Policy

When submitting this form, we collect the following personally identifiable information:

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Internet Protocol Address (IP)

Any other personally identifiable information, provided as part of your message, is provided at your discretion, and will be treated as a part of your message.


What do we use this information for?

Your name and email address will be used for the purpose of personal identification, to identify your current membership status, and to reply to your enquiry.

Your IP address is used for to help prevent fraud and prevent spam.


What do we do with this information?

This information, along with your message, will be sent in an electronic mail message (e-mail) to the club Commodore, in order for them to respond to your enquiry.

Your contact details and message, will also be held in a secure database hosted by UK2, for quality and training purposes. This may also be used in the event of legal actions. The database is only accessible to the webmaster and in exceptional circumstances, the host. However the information held within may be disclosed to club committee upon request by the committee.

This information will not be shared with 3rd parties, except in the event of legal proceedings. This information will also not be used for marketing purposes outside of the scope of your enquiry.

  We reserve the right to amend or modify this policy without notice.